Between my father and I we have been in the service business for over 40 years, we have seen all kinds of problems. Which means when we install a system I design it to avoid many common problems and will make it easy to service if something does go wrong. Which can save you money in the long run.

The actual installation of your new heating or cooling units is so important to the operation and longevity of the system. Your boiler, furnace etc. is only a part of the entire system. The piping and controls are still a vital part. Some guys will try to underbid by taking short cuts. Don’t let inexperience ruin your new investment.

Unlike the big outfits I will not send two random people out to install your system. I will be there to design and overlook all work being done to the finish. I treat every job as if it were my own house. Remember its my name I will be sticking on your unit upon completion.

All equipment we install are units I have come to trust over the years and are from a local dealer who will have all parts in stock. Which means no waiting for repairs. This is a major problem in the service field. Some guys will find the cheapest pricing on unfamiliar units to cut cost. This will save money up front, but what happens if something goes wrong, who do you talk to and where can you get parts? This can account for big headaches. We have all heard the horror stories of contractors doing unacceptable work and not coming back to fix there mistakes. These are usually inexperienced and want a be contractors who obviously don’t make it very far. don’t be a victim. The best way to avoid such a problem is to check references. I encourage you to ask around, friends, supply houses, and even other trade professionals to make sure you are getting quality for your money.

Here is a sample of some of our work:

Jeff Wrobel Project


Terry Hockink Project

Barbra Turock Project




Remember that I understand your new
heating or A/C system is not only for your comfort
but is also a long term investment

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